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Located in the heart of dock country – Western Wisconsin, we’re very familiar with the weather extremes that outdoor equipment must tolerate and have years of experience specifying materials for those applications

Glow strip for safety and Accent

By using co-extrusion we can add the very expensive glow strip where needed and use less expensive materials elsewhere. This allows us to maximize the glow longevity while still making the bumper economical. The glow material will recharge during the day in both cloudy and sunny weather conditions.

Design and Look

The large full face bumper provides over 5” of coverage and will work on virtually every dock whether its wood or aluminum, even on strut style docks. The concealed fastening clips hide screws that can rust or scratch your boat and gives a very clean appearance on your dock.


By using recycled TPE (Thermo-plastic Elastomer) we can give you the performance you want without the price. These materials have much better high and low temperature performance and don’t have plasticizers that leach out over time which causes PVC bumpers to age harden. This gives the same cushioning effect over temperature and time.


By engineering this bumper with the right materials and co-extrusion technology we are able to price this product competitively with traditional PVC bumpers. We also offer a full line of traditional PVC bumpers at lower costs.

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